When business is disrupted, there will be a loss of revenue during this unfortunate period. Lost revenue, in addition to extra expenses to resume the operation mean reduced profits, or even loss incurred.

A Business Continuity Plan ( or BCP ) to continue business is essential. Million maintains comprehensive procedures that reflect our commitment to plan for and to be prepared for significant business disruptions. These documented procedures address significant disruptions to our business operations conducted at our Kallang Place location, where most of the manufacturing and administrative activities are carried out and our appropriate responses to these disruptions. We aim to resume our essential business activities and to provide access to key essential systems/applications from remote locations, with minimal interruption, at the earliest possible moment, depending on the type of disruption. As such, the steps taken, pursuant to BCP, are designed to ensure that essential information is captured on a daily basis with the intention of offering updated information to Million employees from remote locations.

In summary, BCP addresses the steps Million will take to address a possible business disruption in an organized manner. However, since the effects of a disaster are difficult to predict, Million would not be able to assure that any plan can address such unforeseen contingencies.