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Our founders, Mr Chong Yuke Wan and Madam Hong Ah May started their silk screen printing company more than 40 years ago at an unassuming workshop nestled at 21 Cuff Road, Singapore, an island nation located just off the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia in Southeast Asia. They were determined people whose primarily motivation was a desire to earn a decent living.

In keeping with their belief, they christened their company, ‘Mei Ran’.  “Mei” means beautiful and ‘Ran’ means natural in Mandarin. The name Million is a loosely translated word from these words. These persuasive words are evident in the products that we make and the way we conduct ourselves among our customers, vendors and our fellow colleagues.

Million has grown significantly over the years. We strive to be the leading integrated manufacturer of complete solutions that identify and protect people, products and places in Singapore and Malaysia, by offering reasonably priced solutions in product, facility and safety identification products, plastic fabrication and custom part marking and traceability services under one roof.

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The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA)

To improve and thrive in today’s global marketplace, we are constantly working to enhance our company’s practices, widen and improve the range of products and services available. Getting in control of product quality and ensuring that customers get the quality products that they deserve, our own in–house Quality Control Testing Laboratory tests, evaluates and measures the properties of our Milmark™, Milscreen™ and Milrex™ products, in which strict ASTM specifications are adhered. By religiously adhering to our founders’ belief and adopting best practices, we ensure that you, our valued customers, receive the best quality products and services every time.

We are proud members of The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (abbrev. SGIA).

SGIA is a proactive, fast-moving association supporting the leaders of the digital & screen printing community. “Specialty imaging” comprises digital imaging, screen printing and the many other imaging technologies SGIA members use, including those they’ll tap in the future. These are the imaging processes and technologies employed to create new products and to enhance existing products including point-of-purchase displays, printed electronics, membrane switches, signs, advertisements, garments, containers and vehicles.

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Our Million Values and Vision

Million’s core values define what the company and our people stand for at all time, regardless of changes to our internal structure, leadership and market condition. They formed the basis principles that guide our collective and singular decisions, strategies and action.

Our vision is to be the leading solution provider in:

  1. Product, facility and safety identification
  2. Plastic fabrication
  3. Custom part marking and traceability

It is the principle by which we operate. It provides an understanding of what we are doing in our markets, with our customers and suppliers, and from a leadership perspective, how we intend to get there.

To achieve this vision, we identify 4 areas to advancement. They are:

  1. Growth
  2. Operational excellence
  3. Financial stability and
  4. Shared leadership

We remain committed to achieving this goal.

360° Virtual Tour: Office and Workshop

Welcome to Million!

Join us on an immersive facilities virtual tour to find out more about our facilities, including the showroom, office and the whole production environment! Click here to view the virtual tour.

If you have a need to custom-build trophies, plaques or awards, please contact us for a tour now.

Team Million

Meet Team Million, hear our values, understand our philosophy. Watch the video here (duration: 3.18 minutes).

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