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Frequently Asked Questions

T1. Labels, decals, stickers – what are the differences?

The terms, “sticker” “decal” and “label” are sometimes used interchangeably. Instead of deciding if you need a label, sticker or decal, we have listed below 6 useful considerations in choosing the right one that meet your needs. For easy reference, we shall use the term, ‘label’ here.

  1.  Location – Will the label be exposed to the weather or will it be applied indoor?
  2. Temperature – Is the label placed in a cold room? Or Is the contact surface higher than 80 deg Celsius?
  3. Surface condition – Smooth surfaces like glass, steel are ideal for strong adhesion strength. We do not recommend that you apply the labels on rough surfaces like cemented wall or porous material like wood.
  4. Chemical exposure – Some materials are chemical splash resistance, while others are not.
  5. Color considerations – Are you looking for a single color custom label, a very few basic colors, or do you want a full-color design printed on your label?
  6. Size – Do you want a small custom label for your car window, or are you looking for something as big as your wall.

T2. Why did adhesion fail?

Adhesion failure can be caused by a number of factors:

  1. Low temperature
  2. Insufficient contact area
  3. Poor surface compatibility
  4. Inadequate application pressure
  5. Surface contamination
  6. Wrong tape for the job

To address these issues, all that is required is the identification of the possible causes, and applying the basic principles that will ensure good tape performance to remedy the situation. So remember, clean dry surface, room temperature, pressure and enough of the right tape will assure you the bond you need.

Reproduced with permission from T.I.P.

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