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NCR Bill Booklets / Receipt Books / Invoice Books

Ditch the carbon paper! NCR Bill Booklets, Receipt Books & Invoice Books provide clean, duplicate copies with No Carbon Required (NCR) paper. These booklets keep you organized, offering professional receipts for your customers and clear records for your business.
Customize your booklets with your logo and branding for a polished touch. Choose from various sizes and ply options (duplicate, triplicate etc.) to fit your needs. Get fast turnaround and affordable prices. Streamline your business operations today!
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Everyday Queries about NCR Bill Booklets / Receipt Books / Invoice Books

  • Clean and efficient: No more smudgy carbon copies.
  • Organized records: Keep clear duplicates for yourself and your clients.
  • Professional image: Project a polished look with custom-printed booklets.

There are Bill Booklets (general purpose), Receipt Books (sales transactions), and Invoice Books (detailed billing).

Absolutely! You can add your logo, branding, and specific fields needed for your transactions.

Sizes range from pocket-friendly to A4, depending on your needs.

You can choose booklets with duplicate (2 copies), triplicate (3 copies), or even more depending on the supplier.

Sizes range from pocket-friendly to A4, depending on your needs.

No, most pens work well with NCR paper. However, ballpoint pens are generally recommended.

Yes, Million.com.sg offer pre-numbered booklets for easy record-keeping.

Turnaround times vary by the size of the order, but typically range from a few days to a week.

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Pre-Order Checklist: 
(1) CMYK: Save the design in CMYK format for full-color printing, not RGB. Full-color refers to using a wide range of colors to produce vibrant, realistic prints, commonly achieved through the CMYK color model.

(2) File format: We prefer PDF files. We can also work from JPEG, PNG, Word and Excel etc.

(3) Resolution: We require a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

(4) Minimum line thickness: We recommend line thickness of 0.5 point and above.

(5) Black text and fills: Use C0 M0 Y0 K100 to ensure a rich black appearance for printing while avoiding potential color inconsistencies.

(6) Minimum text size: We recommend a minimum text size of 5 points and above.

(7) Safe zone: We recommend that texts be placed a minimum of 3mm from the edge of the design

(8) Fonts: Path, outline or embed the fonts before the file is saved.

(9) Proportion: Ensure artwork is in correct proportion before submission to avoid distortion or scaling issues during the printing process.

(10) Crop marks: Add crop/cutting marks to your design.

(11) Bleed: Ensure images contain a minimum 3mm bleed for proper printing. Bleed ensures images extend beyond the trim edge, preventing unwanted white borders on the final product.

1. The order form below is intended for a single (1) design only.
2. Kindly fill out a separate form for each additional design.
3. For orders comprising 5 designs or more, email your request to: cu*******@mi*****.sg
4. For Singapore purchase only. Payment by PayNow. UEN no.: 197901503G

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
This order form takes 3 minutes to complete.
1. Select form format
NCR Books: These are multiple sets of individual sheets with carbonless paper, bound together like a traditional book. Each set within the book contains multiple copies of the form. NCR Pads: These consist of individual sets of carbonless paper sheets, usually glued together at the top or left side to form a pad. Each set within the pad contains multiple copies of the form.
3. Select orientation
Landscape: Landscape orientation is when an image or page is wider than it is tall. It is commonly used in documents where a horizontal layout is more suitable. Portrait: Portrait orientation is when an image or page is taller than it is wide. This orientation is typically used for text that fit better in a vertical space. It is commonly used in documents where a vertical layout is preferred for readability.
5. Select number of plies per set
Ply: Refers to a single sheet within an NCR form set that is coated and allows transfer of writing without carbon paper. Set: Indicates a group of these coated plies creating a multipart form.
Selected Value: 5
Èxample 1. If the order is for 500 sets of NCR forms, select 10 NCR pads. Example 2. If the order is for 400 sets of ncr books, select 8 NCR books.
If serial number is added, indicate starting number
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
Copyright: Million.com.sg is not liable for images used in prints regarding copyright. Customers are responsible for ensuring lawful use of all images provided.

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