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Easi-Mark Date Stamp

Keep Papers & Packages Precisely Dated: The Easi-Mark Self-Inking Dater

Ensure clear and consistent dating on documents and cardboard with the Easi-Mark Self-Inking Dater. This convenient stamp features permanent, fast-drying ink that adheres perfectly to both paper and cardboard surfaces.

Streamline workflow: Quickly and effortlessly date invoices, receipts, important files, and legal documents for easy organization and record-keeping. Mark shipping boxes with accurate dates for efficient inventory management and streamlined tracking.

Hygiene matters. The Multi-Surface Self-Inking Dater boasts an anti-bacterial casing that actively reduces germ growth, keeping it sanitary for multi-surface use.

Ditch unreliable handwriting and messy markers! Easi-Mark Self-Inking Dater offers a clean and convenient solution for precise dating on both paper and cardboard. Order yours today and experience increased efficiency and a touch of hygiene!

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Everyday Queries about Easi-Mark Date Stamp

A Easi-Mark date stamp is a self-inking rubber stamp that automatically prints the current date onto documents or packages.

Date stamps help with organization and record-keeping by providing a clear and consistent date on paperwork. This is crucial for tasks like:

  • Dating invoices and receipts
  • Marking expiration dates on products
  • Tracking inventory and deliveries
  • Adding timestamps to legal documents
  • Convenience: No separate ink pad is needed; simply press the stamp for a clean, clear impression.
  • Efficiency: Saves time compared to handwriting dates on multiple documents.
  • Consistency: Guarantees a clear and uniform date format throughout your records.

Yes, Easi-Mark date stamps come with permanent ink that works on both paper and cardboard. This makes them ideal for both office and shipping needs.

Easi-Mark date stamps incorporate anti-bacterial properties in the casing. This helps reduce germ growth on the stamp itself, especially important when used on various documents and packages that might have been handled by multiple people.

Consider factors like:

  • Ink color: Black is common, but other colors might be available.
  • Date format: Choose a format that suits your needs (e.g., MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY).
  • Automatic date update: Some stamps automatically update the date each day, while others require manual adjustment.

The lifespan of the ink depends on usage frequency. Most manufacturers offer replacement ink cartridges.

Yes, Easi-Mark self-inking date stamps are refillable with replacement ink cartridges. 


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