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Easi-Mark Privacy Roller Rubber Stamp (Identity Theft Protection)

Stop Identity Theft in its Tracks with the Antibacterial Privacy Roller Stamp

Safeguard your identity and promote hygiene with the innovative Easi-Mark Privacy Roller Stamp. This self-inking stamp features a unique rolling design that effectively blacks out sensitive information like addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers on documents before discarding them.

Peace of mind comes standard with the anti-bacterial casing that helps reduce germ growth on the stamp itself, keeping it sanitary for multiple uses.

The Easi-Mark Privacy Roller Stamp is convenient and versatile, perfect for protecting personal information on bank statements, credit card receipts, utility bills, and expired IDs. Order yours today and take control of your privacy while promoting a healthy habit!

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Everyday Queries about Easi-Mark Privacy Roller Rubber Stamp (Identity Theft Protection)

A Easi-Mark Privacy Roller Rubber Stamp is a tool designed to conceal sensitive information on documents, such as your name, address, account numbers, and other personal data, to protect against identity theft.

When the stamp is pressed, the text plate makes an imprint, and re-ink for the next use.

The stamp works best on smooth, flat surfaces such as paper, envelopes, and labels. It may not perform as well on glossy or heavily textured surfaces.

Yes, the ink is designed to be permanent on most paper surfaces, ensuring that the obscured information cannot be easily read or removed.

The ink is long-lasting under regular use conditions. However, its longevity will depend on factors such as usage frequency and the type of paper it’s applied to.

You can purchase refill ink cartridges compatible with your specific roller stamp. 

Yes, many privacy roller rubber stamps are designed to be refillable, reducing waste and making them a more eco-friendly option compared to single-use shredding methods.

It works best on standard printer ink and handwritten text. For security reasons, it may not completely obscure specialty inks or embossed text.

Yes, it’s safe to use on documents that you no longer need or wish to dispose of. However, do not use it on documents that need to remain legible for future reference.

Maintain cleanliness by wiping the roller with a damp cloth if it becomes clogged or dirty. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the roller.

Our privacy roller stamps incorporate anti-bacterial properties in the casing to help reduce bacteria growth on the stamp itself. This can be beneficial as the stamp comes in contact with various documents.


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