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FabricPrint Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

Embrace boundless creativity with our FabricPrint rubber stamps tailor-made for fabric applications. Whether you’re a crafting enthusiast, designer, or business owner, our fabric rubber stamps offer enduring impressions, enabling you to craft personalized textiles with precision. Elevate your fabric projects and add a touch of individuality, professionalism, and lasting impact with our trusted rubber stamping solutions.

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Everyday Queries about Promark Rubber Stamp

A FabricPrint Self-Inking Rubber Stamp is a stamping tool designed specifically for marking fabrics. It automatically re-inks itself with fabric-safe ink, making it easy to repeatedly stamp on clothing, bags, and other textile items.

Always test the ink on a scrap of fabric first to ensure it sets properly and survives washing cycles. Different fabric inks have different washing instructions.

Tightly woven fabrics like cotton or linen are ideal as they absorb the ink more evenly and reduce ink bleeding.

The casings of FabricPrint rubber stamps are coated with anti-bacterial solutions. These casings contain additives that help reduce bacteria growth on the stamp, which is important for items that come in contact with skin

Absolutely! You can get custom designs made for your stamp, perfect for adding a personal touch to clothes, bags, or handmade crafts. Keep in mind that bold designs with less fine detail work best with fabric inks.

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Pre-Order Checklist: 
1. Watch the tutorial video for guidance on preparing artwork.

2. Prepare your print ready artwork.

3. If unavailable, upload a sketch with the selected impression size from the list provided below.
3A. Tick the ‘Artwork Required’ box in the form for assistance.

1. The order form below is intended for a single (1) design only.
2. Kindly fill out a separate form for each additional design.
3. For orders comprising 5 designs or more, email your request to: cu*******@mi*****.sg
4. For Singapore purchase only. Payment by PayNow. UEN no.: 197901503G

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This order form takes 1 minute to complete.
Selected Value: 1
"Per design" refers to individual artwork or image that is used to create a unique stamp. Each distinct image, logo, or text layout is considered a separate design for stamp production purposes.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
Preferred Images: Black, clear outlines, distinct shapes, and minimal intricate details. Example, logos, symbols, initials, typed texts and simple designs Coloured and fine detailed images may not translate well onto rubber stamps
2A. I have uploaded sketches with impression size indicated.
What is the impression size of a rubber stamp? The impression size of a rubber stamp refers to the maximum dimensions of the stamped image or text that the stamp can produce.
Tips: BLACK for general use; green for approval, affirmative messages, or financial entries. BLUE for professionalism, official use, or initial stamps; RED for urgency, corrections, or importance;
Price List

Model # :  Impression Size - Unit Price (Exclude 9% GST)

RDF-1331:  27(L)x9(B)mm  - $20.00ea
RDF-1340:  36(L)x9(B)mm  - $25.00ea
RDF-1355:  51(L)x9(B)mm  - $28.00ea
RDF-1743:  39(L)x13(B)mm - $26.00ea
RDF-1755:  51(L)x13(B)mm - $28.00ea
RDF-2243:  39(L)x18(B)mm - $28.00ea
RDF-2255:  51(L)x18(B)mm - $30.00ea
RDF-19:    D14mm         - $20.00ea
RDF-24:    D20mm         - $25.00ea
RDF-26:    D22mm         - $25.00ea
RDF-35:    D31mm         - $30.00ea

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