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ProMark Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

Mark It Clearly, Keep It Clean: ProMark Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

Effortlessly mark metal and plastic surfaces with the ProMark Self-Inking Rubber Stamp. This stamp features a fast-drying ink designed to adhere to even the most challenging surfaces. Say goodbye to messy markers and unreliable paint pens!

Built for frequent use, the stamp boasts a comfortable, self-inking design that eliminates the need for separate ink pads. Plus, the anti-bacterial casing actively reduces bacteria growth, keeping the stamp sanitary for use across various projects.

Ideal for warehouses, workshops, and manufacturing facilities, this stamp allows for clear and permanent marking on tools, parts, and equipment. Order yours today and experience the convenience and hygiene of the ProMark Self-Inking Rubber  Stamp!

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Everyday Queries about Promark Rubber Stamp

Promark rubber stamp incorporates an internal ink pad, eliminating the need for an external ink pad. With each impression, the stamp re-inks itself.

When the stamp is pressed, the text plate makes an imprint, and re-ink for the next use.

Promark stamps provide convenience, produce consistent imprints, and offer a mess-free solution with built-in ink pads.

The longevity of a Promark rubber stamp largely depends on the frequency of use. Proper maintenance can extend its lifespan.

Yes, Promark rubber stamps are designed to be re-inked. Most models have a simple re-inking process using specialized ink refills.

Million.com.sg offer customization services, allowing you to upload your own artwork for a personalized stamp design.

Yes, self-inking stamps are commonly used for endorsing official documents, marking receipts, or adding signatures.

Promark stamps are versatile and can be used on paper, cardboard, fabric, and some other porous and non-porous surfaces.

Maintaining a Promark stamp involves keeping the stamp and its casing clean, storing it properly, and using the appropriate cleaning tools or solutions.

Yes, Promark rubber stamps come in various sizes, including options for small, medium, and large imprints.

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1. Watch the tutorial video for guidance on preparing artwork.

2. Prepare your print ready artwork.

3. If unavailable, upload a sketch with the selected impression size from the list provided below.
3A. Tick the ‘Artwork Required’ box in the form for assistance.

1. The order form below is intended for a single (1) design only.
2. Kindly fill out a separate form for each additional design.
3. For orders comprising 5 designs or more, email your request to: cu*******@mi*****.sg
4. For Singapore purchase only. Payment by PayNow. UEN no.: 197901503G

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"Per design" refers to individual artwork or image that is used to create a unique stamp. Each distinct image, logo, or text layout is considered a separate design for stamp production purposes.
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Preferred Images: Black, clear outlines, distinct shapes, and minimal intricate details. Example, logos, symbols, initials, typed texts and simple designs Coloured and fine detailed images may not translate well onto rubber stamps
2A. I have uploaded sketches with impression size indicated.
What is the impression size of a rubber stamp? The impression size of a rubber stamp refers to the maximum dimensions of the stamped image or text that the stamp can produce.
Tips: BLACK for general use; green for approval, affirmative messages, or financial entries. BLUE for professionalism, official use, or initial stamps; RED for urgency, corrections, or importance;
Price List

Model # :  Impression Size - Unit Price (Exclude 9% GST)

RDF-1331:  27(L)x9(B)mm  - $20.00ea
RDF-1340:  36(L)x9(B)mm  - $25.00ea
RDF-1355:  51(L)x9(B)mm  - $28.00ea
RDF-1743:  39(L)x13(B)mm - $26.00ea
RDF-1755:  51(L)x13(B)mm - $28.00ea
RDF-2243:  39(L)x18(B)mm - $28.00ea
RDF-2255:  51(L)x18(B)mm - $30.00ea
RDF-19:    D14mm         - $20.00ea
RDF-24:    D20mm         - $25.00ea
RDF-26:    D22mm         - $25.00ea
RDF-35:    D31mm         - $30.00ea

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