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7 Essential Safety Signs that every workplace should have (EN ISO 7010:2020 compliance)

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Safety signs are critical to communicate and raise awareness of potential hazards in workplaces and proper safety procedures to ensure a safe working environment. Carefully placed and visible safety signs can prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Here’s a list of safety signs that every workplace should consider.

Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signs warn and instruct employees about the potential hazards in the workplace and what actions to take in case of a fire outbreak. Common fire safety signs include fire extinguisher signs, fire exit signs, and fire alarm signs.

Emergency Information Signs

Emergency information signs show employees where first-aid kits, defibrillators, and safety showers are located, enabling them to respond to any emergency incidents. These signs include first-aid signs, eyewash station signs, and safety shower signs.

Chemical Hazard Signs

Chemical hazard signs notify employees about the presence of toxic, flammable, or hazardous chemicals. These signs communicate safe handling procedures and necessary precautions to take in case of exposure. Common chemical hazard signs include poison symbols, corrosive symbols, and radiation symbols.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs instruct employees about the necessary safety requirements that need to be followed. These signs include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) signs, Hard Hat Required signs, and Safety Glasses Required signs.

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs notify employees of the prohibited actions that are restricted for safety reasons. Common prohibition signs include no smoking signs, no entry signs, and no eating and drinking signs.

Warning Signs

Warning signs draw attention to potential hazardous situations, including sharp objects, wet floors, and high voltage areas. These signs warn employees to stay alert and proceed with caution. Common warning signs include slippery when wet signs, high voltage signs, and sharp object signs.

Traffic Safety Signs

Traffic safety signs are necessary to guide drivers and pedestrians safely around the workplace premises. These signs include speed limit signs, yield signs, and stop signs.

In summary, safety signs are essential in workplaces to prevent accidents as well as educate employees on how to interact with different equipment and their environment. Regular inspection, maintenance, and replacements of worn-out or outdated safety signs are necessary. Disseminating proper safety instructions and guidelines via these signs ensures the safety of the employees while minimizing the risk to the company with fewer chances of workplace incidents.

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