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Pharmaeutical Industry

In pharmaceutical plants, pipe markers, valve tags and other identification products allow employees to trace process problems and find solutions faster. Our pipe and valve marking solutions meet ASME (ANSI) standards and are available in a wide range of materials that meet your need for indoor, outdoor, harsh environment or light duty applications. Also, we have a comprehensive range of identification products that you need.

Here is a summary of the products:

  1. Milrex plastic products
  2. Milscreen accident prevention signs
  3. Milmark acrylic valve tags
  4. Milscreen equipment & process safety labels
  5. Milmark equipment tags
  6. Milscreen facility signs
  7. Milscreen hazardous material labels
  8. Milscreen inspection tags
  9. Milscreen maintainance & production tags

Million is your solution provider of quality identification products. 

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