laser cutting
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plastic fabrication
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Laser Cutting is a cutting process that uses a high powered laser beam to cut materials like steel and acrylic.

Advantages of laser cutting over mechanical cutting include

  • Easier workholding and reduced contamination of workpiece
  • Better precision
  • Reduced chance of warping the material that is being cut.


In addition to laser cutting, Million offers another popular cutting technique: waterjet cutting. The differences between laser cutting and waterjet cutting are shown below.

Waterjet Cutting Laser Cutting
1.      Material type Suitable for most material types Suitable for some metallic materials and do not possess  highly reflective finishing.
2.      Material thickness Up to 6 inches ( selected material  ) Up to 1.5 inches ( selected material )
3.      Precision +/- 0.003–0.008 inch. +/- 0.001–0.003 inch
4.      Heat distortion None Yes
5.      5-axis Cut materials in virtually any orientation and at any angle (ranging from 0 to 90 degrees). Capable of producing complex and intricate parts and those requiring beveling and contouring. No



Plastic Fabrication

CNC Routing

Waterjet Cutting

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