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Discover the Different Types of Double Coated Tapes and Their Uses

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Adhesive double-coated tape, also known as double-sided tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with adhesive on both sides. It is used for bonding, mounting, and securing materials in various applications. Here are some common types and uses of double-coated tapes:

Foam tapes

These tapes have a foam core sandwiched between two layers of adhesive. They are typically used in applications where a gap-filling bond is required and can help dampen vibrations. Common uses include mounting signs, picture frames, and mirrors, as well as bonding automotive parts and electronic components.

Film tapes

Film tapes feature a thin film carrier, such as polyester or polypropylene, with adhesive on both sides. They are commonly used for graphic art applications, splicing of films and papers, attaching labels and decorative trims, and bonding electronic components or plastic parts.

Paper/flatback tapes

These tapes are made of paper or flat backing materials with double-sided adhesive. They are often used in temporary bonding, like adhering carpet or flooring, as well as assembling and mounting lightweight materials.

Transfer tapes

Transfer tapes do not have a carrier material, and consist solely of adhesive on a release liner. These tapes are suitable for applications requiring thin bonding or where flexibility is important. They are used in electronics, medical devices, and graphic arts applications.

Structural tapes

Structural tapes, or Very High Bond (VHB) tapes, are acrylic foam tapes that provide a strong, long-lasting bond. They are suitable for bonding materials in automotive, construction, and electronic industries by replacing rivets, screws, or fasteners.

When choosing a double-coated tape, consider factors such as the surfaces being bonded, environmental conditions, and the desired strength of the bond. Also, ensure proper surface preparation, including cleaning and removal of any contaminants, to achieve optimal results.


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