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Expert Tips for Selecting the Perfect Label Materials

Consider the following guides to ensure you select the most suitable options for your specific needs when choosing materials for labels.


Identify the environmental conditions to which the labels will be subjected. Choose materials that can withstand factors such as temperature variations, moisture, chemicals, and UV exposure.

Adhesive Type

Consider the label’s intended application and ensure the adhesive is appropriate for the surface and environment. Options include permanent, removable, or high-tack adhesives.

Label Size and Shape

Determine the required size and shape of the labels, ensuring they fit the intended application and are compatible with application tools or machinery.

Print Method

If you are printing the labels in-house, ensure the chosen material is compatible with your printing equipment, whether it’s inkjet, laser, or thermal transfer printing.

Compliance Requirements

If your labels need to meet specific regulatory standards, such as UL, GHS, or FDA requirements, choose materials that comply with these regulations.

Color and Finish

Consider the visual appearance of the labels, including color, gloss, and finish. Choose a material that aligns with your branding and readability requirements.

Environment-Friendly Options

Consider eco-friendly label materials such as recyclable paper, bio-degradable options, or materials made from post-consumer recycled content if sustainability is a priority,

Cost Considerations

Evaluate the budget for label production and select materials that balance cost-effectiveness with the required performance and longevity.


Before committing to a large volume of label materials, conduct testing to ensure the chosen materials meet the necessary performance standards for adhesion, readability, and durability.

By considering these guides, you can select label materials that best suit your specific application, ensuring longevity, legibility, and adherence to any compliance or environmental considerations.

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