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Discover the Benefits of Chemical Etching & Rotary Engraving on Steel now!

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Chemical etching and rotary engraving are two popular methods for marking or engraving steel. They have some similarities, but there are also some differences to consider when choosing between these two methods. Below is a comparison between the two.

Chemical Etching

  1. The process uses acid to selectively etch the steel, creating a permanent, high-precision pattern or design.
  2. The process is a subtractive one, which means that the selected areas of the steel are removed, leaving behind the desired design. This also means that larger and more complex designs can be created with this method.
  3. It can provide a high level of precision and detail, including fine lines, intricate designs, and small text.
  4. The surface finish of the etched design is smooth and uniform, without any sharp edges or burrs.
  5. Chemical etching is ideal for producing large-scale orders as it can be done quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

Rotary Engraving

  1. Rotary engraving is a mechanical process that uses a cutting tool to remove material from the steel surface.
  2. The process is additive, which means that material is removed from the engraving area.
  3. It can produce sharp and clear lines, but for complex shapes or designs, it may be limited by the capability of the cutting tool.
  4. It may leave sharp edges/burrs that require additional finishing or polishing steps.
  5. Rotary engraving is slower compared to chemical etching, but it may be advantageous for small-scale orders.

Overall, the choice of the method depends on various factors such as complexity of design, durability required, production scale, and other project-specific factors. Chemical etching may be more appropriate for precise and complex applications. Rotary engraving is often better suited for applications where the design is larger or configuration is less complicated.

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