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Laser Marking

Laser marking, a permanent marking process that uses a low-powered laser beam to change a material's properties, is ideal for bar codes, UID codes, QR codes, logos and other identification needs.

Lockout Tags

Lockout safety tags, also known as LOTO signs and labels, remind workers to follow lockout and tagout procedures when servicing equipment, and help prevent injuries.


From road and transport signs to signs at the workplace, Million is committed to providing you with the best quality identification products.

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Who We Are

The name Million is a loosely translated word from the Chinese characters, “Mei Ran” that our founders, Mr Chong Yuke Wan and Madam Hong Ah May had christened their company 38 years ago. “Mei” means beautiful and Ran means natural.

These persuasive words are evident in the products that we make and the services that we offer, and the way we conduct ourselves among our customers, vendors and our fellow colleagues.

As an integrated manufacturer and a total part marking and traceability service provider, we offer reasonably priced solutions in product, facility and safety identification products, plastic fabrication and custom part marking and traceability under one roof. Besides price, other benefits are improved workplace organization, smoother process flows, better quality control management, and continuous employee- skill training among others.

Million Advertising and Silkscreen

What We Do

Million is constantly expanding its range of products. Whether you need a simple label or complex assembly of multiple components, our integrated manufacturing facilities offer quality answers to your design questions.

MilRex Sneeze Guard

With Phase 2 of reopening, the safety and health should remain top priority for your businesses and companies to prevent the spread of infections. Made from top quality material, MilRex Sneeze Guard ensures the well-being of your staff and students:

  • Established Manufacturer since 1979
  • Can be installed permanently or temporarily depending on preference
  • Customisation Available
  • 10-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects


  • Stable metal base ensures that shield does not topple easily
  • Impact resistant screen so that it does not break easily
  • Excellent clarity through its transparent design
  • Ideal for Offices, Schools, F&B Shops
MilRex Sneeze Guard

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