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Which Should You Choose: Traffolyte Tags or Steel Tags?

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When choosing between traffolyte tags and steel tags, factors such as durability requirements, environmental conditions, visibility needs, customization options, and budget considerations should be taken into account. Consider the specific application and its demands to determine which type of tag is most suitable. Here is a comparison between traffolyte tags and steel tags:

AspectTraffolyte TagsSteel Tags
MaterialPlastic laminate materialMetal, typically stainless steel
DurabilityNot as durable as steel tags, may degrade over timeHighly durable, resistant to impacts and abrasions
Corrosion ResistanceMay not be as resistant to corrosion as steel tagsExcellent corrosion resistance, suitable for harsh environments
CustomizationCan be laser engraved, routed, or screen printedEngraved, chemical etched, stamped, or laser etched for customization
VisibilityMade visible by employing strategies that maximize contrast and use of appropriate colors.Reflective or shiny surface, high visibility
CostGenerally more affordable compared to steel tagsHigher cost compared to traffolyte tags
WeightLighter compared to steel tagsHeavier due to the metal construction
Chemical ResistanceCan have good resistance to certain chemicals, depending on formulationResistant to a wide range of chemicals
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