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Pipe Marker Tapes

Product Code: 1.2.5

Colour marker tapes are designed for permanent applications in various indoor and/or outdoor environments and facilities. Printed on premium quality, fade-resistant vinyl with strong adhesive, different colour-coded banding tapes can make it easy to differentiate between the different systems in your facilities. Different sizes and lengths are available – give our representatives a call at (65) 6292.00.83 to find out more today!


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Item: Colour Banding Tape

Brand: Milscreen

Material: Self-adhesive vinyl

Country of origin: Singapore

Product Specifications

Description: MilscreenTM Label and Decal provide guidance, give a warning, convey a direction or identify a product or equipment.


  1. German General Type Approval (ABG, D5292) acc. to 22a StVZO ( Federal German Road Traffic Licensing Order);
  2. B1-classifcation according to DIN 4102-1; Only flame resistant ( class DIN 4102-B1) on steel planes.
  3. Weathering test ISO 4892-2:2006

Substrate type: Film, polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC

Thickness: 70 micron (without protective paper and adhesive)

Compliance standards (where applicable): Singapore Standard SS508: Part 3: 2004 ISO 7010: 2003

Dimensional stability (FINAT ™ 14): Adhered to steel, no measurable shrinkage in cross direction, in length 0.4 mm max.

Temperature resistance (normal climate of Central Europe): Adhered to aluminium, -40 deg C to +80 deg C, no variation

Seawater resistance (DIN 50021): Adhered to aluminium, after 100 h/23 deg C, no variation

Adhesive power (Average): (FINAT TM 1, after 24 h, stainless steel), 18 N/25 mm

Tensile strength (DIN EN ISO 527): Aling: min 19 Mpa across: min 19 MPa

Elongation at break (DIN EN ISO 527): Along: min 130% across: min 150%

What are Pipe Marker Tapes?

Pipe marker tapes are ordinary but significant items that help keep workplaces like factories and warehouses safe and organised. They are the coloured lines you see on the floor that tell you where it’s safe to walk or where to put things. With better materials and stickier backsides, the new types of marking tapes last longer and work better than ever before. They’re great for showing people and vehicles the right direction and marking safe or dangerous areas. So whether it’s a busy factory or a public space, these new tapes make it easier to keep things in order.

Features of Marking Tapes

1. Easy to Install

One of the standout features of marker tapes is their ease of installation. You don’t need any special tools or expertise to get started. Simply peel off the backing, cut the tape to the length you need, and stick it onto the surface. It’s a straightforward process that anyone can do.

2. Durable Construction

These marker tapes are built to last, especially in areas with high foot traffic. Made with extra-durable materials, they are designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring they remain effective for a long time.

3. Easily Removable

Should the need arise to remove or reposition the tapes, doing so is hassle-free. Unlike other adhesives that might leave a residue, these marker tapes can be easily peeled off from the surface without leaving any marks or damage.

4. Surface-Safe

Safety is a paramount concern, and these marker tapes excel in this aspect as well. They adhere securely to surfaces without causing any damage, meaning you can use them without worrying about harming the floor or any other surface they’re applied to.

Benefit Of Our Marker Tapes

At Million.com.sg, our marker tapes bring a range of high-value benefits suitable for various applications, ensuring that they are a cut above the rest in the market. 

1. Durability

Our marker tapes are made from robust and sturdy materials, making them more durable than traditional tapes. This is especially useful in environments that require long-lasting marking solutions.

2. Vivid Colours

The marker tapes come in striking colours that are hard to miss, enhancing visibility. Whether it’s a busy warehouse or a package that needs special attention, the bold hues improve safety and organisation.

3. Ease of Application

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our pipe marker tapes are easy to apply. This ease of application significantly reduces the time and effort required for installation.

4. Customisation

One of the standout benefits of our marker tapes is the option for customisation. You can tailor the tapes to meet specific requirements, making them highly versatile for various applications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pipe Marker Tapes

Are there specific marker tape options for high-temperature environments, such as industrial ovens or furnaces?

Yes, our marker tapes are designed to withstand high-temperature environments such as industrial ovens and furnaces. These marking tapes are engineered with heat-resistant materials to ensure durability and performance, even in extreme conditions. When you opt for such high-temperature-resistant marking tapes, this ensures safety and visibility, regardless of the environment.

How long can marker tapes typically last once applied in an industrial setting?

The longevity of marker tapes in an industrial setting can vary based on different factors such as material quality, environmental conditions, and foot or vehicle traffic. Once applied, high-quality marking tapes can typically last up to 2 to 5 years. Frequent inspections are advisable for ensuring optimal safety and durability.

Can marker tapes be used for non-industrial purposes, such as arts and crafts or labelling at home?

Yes, marker tapes are not limited to industrial settings; they’re incredibly versatile and can be readily used for arts and crafts or labelling tasks at home. With their vibrant colours and strong adhesive qualities, they serve as an excellent tool for creative endeavours as well as organising and identifying household items and spaces.

Are marker tapes resistant to chemicals and solvents commonly found in industrial environments?

Yes, industrial-grade marker tapes are specifically engineered to withstand exposure to chemicals and solvents commonly found in industrial settings. Manufactured from durable materials that resist degradation, these tapes offer longevity even when in contact with harsh substances. This makes them an ideal choice for environments where chemical resistance is a necessity.

Can marker tapes be easily removed and replaced if needed in an industrial setting?

High-quality marker tapes are engineered for easy removal without leaving behind any sticky residue or causing damage to the surface they’re adhered to. This feature is especially beneficial in industrial settings, where the need to reposition or replace the tapes can arise frequently. Their easy-to-remove nature adds an extra layer of convenience and efficiency.

Do marker tapes have any environmental considerations, such as recyclability or eco-friendly options?

Some manufacturers specialise in providing eco-friendly or recyclable marker tape options to meet the growing demand for sustainable products. These eco-conscious tapes are typically crafted from sustainable, biodegradable, or recycled materials. Designed with environmental considerations in mind, these tapes aim to minimise waste and reduce the overall carbon footprint associated with their production and usage.

Can I order marker tapes in bulk for a large industrial project?

Yes, you can order our products such as marker tapes, pipe marking stickers, pipe labels and others in bulk to support large-scale industrial projects with us. However, the ability to fulfil such large orders is dependent on our current inventory levels. For precise details regarding availability and to discuss your project’s specific requirements, we recommend reaching out to us directly at Million.com.sg.


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