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Foam Tool & Hard Case

When was the last time you needed the 17mm spanner, thinking you would remember where it was and found out that it was missing? For many of us, keeping track of tools is not an easy task. We leave our tools in the drawer or toolbox in a hurry or our co-workers did not return the tools that he or she promised to do so. When those tools could not be found, especially those of your favourite, like the screwdriver with the handle that fits snugly into your hands, it can lead to disorder and frustration when there is a task to perform. Furthermore, money is wasted on replacing a displaced tool that we assumed was lost forever.

What if a missing tool could be identified easily? What if the tools could be organized by the job demand? We, at Million has the answers!

Milrex™ Foam Tool Organizers and Milrex™ Hard case Foam Inserts are the best foam protective packaging solution to address your tool inventory problems. Manufactured locally at our factory in Singapore, the foam is soft enough to provide flexibility for items, but also dense enough to provide cushion for even the heaviest of items.

The benefits of a Milrex™ Foam Tool Organizer are:

  1. Find tools faster.
  2. Return tools faster at the correct place.
  3. Identify which specified tool is missing.
  4. Protect expensive tools from damage.
  5. Preserve the sharpness and lustre of the tools.
  6. An important component of the 5S Policy and Lean Process

Besides the above benefits, additional benefits of a Milrex™ Hard case Foam Inserts include:

  1. Protect tools from damage in transit
  2. Protect high-precision, delicate and sensitive equipment and instruments from damage in transit.
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