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What is EN ISO 7010:2020

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An international standard called EN ISO 7010:2020 is used to indicate safety information and communicate potential hazards in workplaces and public spaces. This standard specifies the design principles and safety signs and signals used. It provides a harmonized, consistent approach to safety communication using symbols, pictograms, and colors.

Design Principles

The standard specifies the design principles for safety signs, including the shapes, colors, and graphical symbols used for each type of sign. One of the significant updates is the use of a stronger green background color for safety signs than previously used. The standard also details the use of new symbols for fire safety, warnings for redundant machinery, and changes to the symbol meanings. These updates enhance clarity, visibility and communication effectiveness.


EN ISO 7010:2020 provides a standardized set of safety signs and symbols that are understood worldwide. As a result, it helps to establish consistency and clarity of communication regarding safety issues to operators, contractors, employees, visitors and bystanders. The use of effective signalization systems improve safety in diverse workplaces and help prevent or reduce accidents or hazards.

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