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Legend Plates

A legend plate is a flat plate that encircles a push button or switch with specifications text, such as electrical switches, buttons, indicator lamps, limit switches, sensors and electrical junction boxes. Commonly used in industrial and commercial facilities where printed labels are more subceptible to wear and tear, legend plates provide more durability than printed labels. Available in many colours and sizes, we can customise them with your requirements, with text and specifications.

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Legend Plates: Simplifying Equipment Identification

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In industrial and commercial settings, legend plates serve as simple yet effective tools for equipment identification. These small plates are typically made of durable materials such as plastic like acrylic, Glavoply and Traffotyle or metal. They are used to label switches, buttons, and control panels. Legend plates provide clear and concise information to operators, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of various systems.

Key aspects of legend plates include:

1. Identification

These plates feature clear and visible labels that indicate the function or purpose of a switch, button, or control. These labels are often engraved or printed on the plate, ensuring longevity and legibility. They help operators quickly identify and locate the desired control, reducing the risk of error or confusion.

2. Text and Symbols

Legend plates employ a combination of text and symbols to convey meaning effectively. Text provides a clear description or instruction, while symbols offer visual cues that enable international understanding and transcend language barriers. The combination of text and symbols on a legend plate ensures that operators can easily comprehend the intended usage of controls.

3. Color Coding

They often incorporate color coding as an additional means of identification. Different colors can be assigned to specific functions, making it easier for operators to differentiate between various controls and quickly identify the one they need.

4. Customization

These plates can be customized to meet specific requirements. From choosing the appropriate label text and symbols to selecting the desired size, font, and color, customization allows for tailored solutions that align with the equipment and operational needs.

5. Durability

Legend plates are designed to withstand the demanding environments of industrial settings. The materials used are resistant to wear, chemicals, and exposure to harsh conditions, ensuring that the labels remain legible and intact over time.

By using them, organizations can enhance efficiency and safety in their operations. Operators can easily locate the appropriate controls, reducing the risk of errors and improving response times. Additionally, legend plates aid in training new personnel by providing clear visual cues for equipment operation.

They are commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, energy, transportation, and process control. They  streamline operations, ensuring consistent and accurate use of equipment, and promoting a safe working environment.


Legend plates simplify equipment identification by providing clear labels, text, symbols, and color coding. They enhance operational efficiency, reduce errors, and contribute to a safer working environment. By incorporating legend plates into control systems, organizations can optimize their operations and ensure smooth and reliable equipment usage.

Everyday Queries about Legend Plates

While guidelines may vary depending on industry standards or equipment specifications, general considerations for the plate placement include ensuring clear visibility, using standardized symbols or text for easy comprehension, positioning plates near corresponding control devices, and adhering to safety color-coding or labeling conventions.

Operators can ensure the longevity of the plates by using high-quality materials that resist fading, abrasion, or chemical exposure, regularly inspecting and cleaning plates to maintain visibility, avoiding harsh cleaning agents that may damage labels, and promptly replacing worn or damaged legend plates as needed.

Regular maintenance of the plates is essential to ensure visibility, legibility, and accuracy of markings over time. Proper maintenance helps prevent wear, fading, or damage to labels, ensuring that operators can quickly and accurately identify control functions and operate equipment safely.

They are attached to equipment or control panels using various methods such as adhesive backing, screws, bolts, or snap-in mechanisms. The attachment method depends on the type of equipment, surface compatibility, and the need for easy removal or replacement.

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